It has been a whole heck of a long time.  Having your first child will put a lot on hold.  I have worked on a few things here and there (including the Goddess of the Spring Thaw painting good grief), but for the most part, art has been on hold.

Well no more, I have risen up with a new heart.  Here is a sketch that I did for my friend Alli forever ago.  A sword wielding raccoon riding an alligator.


Persephone or Kore in Greek Mythology.  Proserpina (or Flora) in Roman tales of gods and goddesses.  Atégina in Spanish myths.  Hannahanna from Hattian lore.  Many names form history and traditions, but mostly the same idea.  Here is my take on it entitled “The goddess of spring thaw”, aka “I probably won’t catch any fish for a while”

goddessAnatomy sketch study for a piece I am working on called, of course, “Goddess of Spring Thaw”.  A conceptual fly fishing piece encompassing many things that make me think of what spring entails: mostly anticipation of summer.  Purple pencil on Canson tracing paper.